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Rosa Charice Keto Diet Recipes For Weight Loss


Rosa Charice is a 23-year-old entrepreneur, artist, and content creator.

At 19, Rosa Charice got into an near fatal car accident which dislocated her lower spine and left her with brain trauma. Because of her weight, Rosa consulted with a doctor who then told her to lose weight to help her injuries and also recommended a lower carb lifestyle with a consistent exercise routine.

At the age of 19, Rosa went on a weight loss journey where she lost 100LBS in 4 months naturally by intermittent fasting, exercising, and excluding sugar out of her diet along with processed foods. She not only lost weight, but was also able to correct her health and physical issues almost entirely with dieting and exercising. She later went on to lose an additional 30LBS and has maintained her weight since.

Since losing weight, Rosa has been actively creating her own different recipes, content, and products that are simple but not too restrictive in efforts to help others who also want to lose weight and/or start prioritizing their health.

Since losing weight, Rosa has amassed a following of over 120,000 Youtube subscribers, over 350,000 Tik Tok followers, and millions of views across of all her platforms that are continuing to grow everyday.

Rosa's main goal is to continue to create products to help others with their fitness journeys and also helping others feel confident and motivated while making positive lifestyle changes.